Juicy J has announced that Zaire Holmes is the winner of his $50,000 Twerk Scholarship. Holmes is a 19-year-old student biology student at State College of Florida. 

Holmes did not twerk in her application video. “A lot of people thought that you had to twerk,” she said to Juicy J during his announcement video. “But you actually had to read the rules.”

“Read the rules,” Juicy J says. “See, that’s what you get for shakin’ your ass, thinkin’ you’re gonna get some money. It’s not always about shakin’ your ass.”

In her video application for the scholarship, Holmes says that once she gets her AA from State College of Florida, she plans to transfer to the University of South Florida or the University of Florida. Holmes says the scholarship will cover her lab expenses.

“It’s surreal, but blessings come to people who wait, so I’m just going to be real chill and real humble,” Holmes says in the announcement video. “I kinda envisioned something like this happening in my lifetime.”

In his video, Juicy J explained why he selected Holmes for the scholarship. “I came from nothing,” he said. “I came from six people living in a two-bedroom apartment, hustling. [You] kinda remind me of myself coming up when I was 19. I was like really, really working hard.”

Juicy J’s announcement video and Zaire Holmes’ scholarship application videos are as follows:

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