Fabolous addresses Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse on “The Get Back,” a selection which appears on The Soul Tape 3, Fab’s most recent mixtape. Fabolous recently spoke about the track and his “Control” response in an interview with Fuse

“At first hearing [‘Control’], I was ready to just go in the studio and just fire it back, because it just felt like somebody kinda disrespected your home.” Fabolous explained. “So I sat and listened to it and I heard different things. Even I spoke to some of the OGs and they just was like, ‘Take your time, see what’s going on with it. Don’t just jump out there.’ ‘Cause a lot of people were jumping at it just for the attention’s sake. Once I even started paying attention, I knew something that I didn’t hear the first time: that it was actually a line from a Kurupt rap. A lot of people from New York or from the East Coast may not know Kurupt…I just wanted to share a bit of light on that whole situation, because I’m sure at first hearing people are gonna think it’s a Kendrick Lamar diss or get it advertised that way.”

On “The Get Back,” Fabolous appears to reference Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

“They just killed this vibe,” Fabolous raps on the track. “They just killed this vibe / There’s something ’bout killin’ shit that makes us feel alive / We feed off your energy / We see you on yo’ Kenny G / Just tootin’ your own horn, do your thing my N-I-G / Whenever you ven aqui [come here] / to that mighty N.Y.C. / We gon’ check that name you claim, bring your YAWK and I.D.” 

“The Get Back” and all of the songs on Fabolous’ The Soul Tape 3 can be found on HipHopDX.

As reported when the song leaked, Lamar’s “King of New York” line was likely inspired by a 2010 selection, “Get Bizy,” which features Kendrick Lamar, Terrace Martin, Bad Lucc and Kurupt.

“I’m important like the pope,” Kurupt raps on “Get Bizy.” “I’m the King of New York. I’m live from South Central. I’m a Muslim on pork.” 

Lamar’s verse on “Control,” which also references his “big homie Kurupt” by name, features the lines from “Get Bizy.”

“I’m important like the pope,” Lamar rhymes on the track. “I’m a Muslim on pork.”

“Get Bizy” can be heard below, via GoodFellaMediaDotCom

More from Fab’s Fuse interview can be found below.

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