Yo Gotti recently released his latest album, I Am, last month. In a recent interview with Mikey T The Movie Star, Gotti spoke about how the album’s been received.

“We gettin’ nothin’ but good, positive feedback from the album,” said Gotti. “The numbers going fairly well. Most important to me, the fans loved it. Fans fuck wit’ it. …Just givin’ the people what they want.”

Gotti continued, “I’ve seen a lot of growth with this album. We doing different platforms, TV shows, we doing shows in different markets. Just being on different blog sites. I’m seeing a lot of different things coming. I guess it’s because of the growth of the material that I put out on this album.”

Gotti spoked about “F-U,” his track featuring Meek Mill, and how he feels it could be a big hit. “It’s crazy, the ‘Fuck You’ record out here, shout out to Meek Mill…” he said. “I mean, that’s a smash. I wish they could put it on the radio; they playing it at Meek show. I think a record like that, if they put in full rotation, would go number one.”

The Memphis, Tennessee rapper shared his view that music labels interfere with the organic growth of a song’s impact. “A hit is a hit record… Labels get it fucked up,” said Gotti. “You try to determine what’s an urban hit, what’s a …crossover hit. To me, coming from a creative space, music should be… a hit record should be a hit record. It should travel wherever it go, regardless of the content. I think the [‘Fuck You’] record attests to that.”

Watch the interview below:

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