When asked about recent tweets in which Yo Gotti called out Juicy J for supposedly “dodging” him, Gotti said that there “ain’t no problem” between the two now.

“I actually spoke to him like probably an hour or so after the tweet and we got on the phone and chopped it up,” Gotti said during an interview with MTV News. “I talked to his brother, Project Pat, too. We chopped it up. So we good. Everything cool.”

According to Yo Gotti, everything he communicated on Twitter is what he said on the phone. “I just basically wanted to let him know, ‘Look homie, I ain’t got nothing against you, so when we’re in the same facility, security don’t have to be moving like I’m trying to do something to you.'”

Juicy J’s response, according to Gotti, was that it was not his security, but maybe the security of the “facility,” to which Gotti said, “I could see where he was coming from.” 

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The tweet that started the rising speculation was posted by Gotti on his Twitter account Saturday (November 16), where he said that Juicy J should stop dodging him. Yo Gotti’s tweets are below.

Yo Gotti and the Stay Trippy rapper are from Memphis. Yo Gotti released his I Am album yesterday (November 19). 

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