There have been many rappers who’ve transitioned to the big screen. From Eminem and Snoop Dogg to Queen Latifah and Andre 3000 the list is large.

One of the people on that list is movie star Mark Wahlberg and during a recent interview with Global Grind TV, Wahlberg claims he’s the greatest white rapper to ever do it.

“I’m the best white rapper-turned actor,” Wahlberg said when asked if he considers himself the greatest actor turned rapper. “Eminem did a great job in 8 Mile, but he only made one movie so I definitely have that title.”

Wahlberg also gave props to Will Smith and said if Tupac were still alive, his acting career could have been special.

“Will [Smith] really does his thing and I think if Tupac was alive he would have been doing some amazing things in front of the camera,” he said. “Obviously his life was cut way too short, I would have loved to seen him continue to grow as an actor and all that.”

Mark Wahlberg received his original claim to fame in music starting in the late 80s. As Marky Mark, his group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch found success early in their careers beginning with the song “Good Vibrations” in 1991. The single, from the group’s debut LP Music For The People, hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and would later become a certified platinum hit. The group released two studio albums.

Watch Mark Wahlberg’s full interview with Global Grind TV below:

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