Nick Cassavetes, who co-wrote the movie Blow and directed The Notebook has formally agreed to direct the upcoming Freeway Rick Ross biopic. Ross, the former Southern California drug dealer who spent 20 years in federal prison, previously said he was hopeful Cassavetes would direct the film. And while Ross’ tale of allegedly moving over 100 kilograms of cocaine each week during his heyday sounds similar to George Jung of Blow, Cassavetes says he’s drawn to the project for other reasons.

“My brother was a mercenary,” Cassavetes told Reuters. “He worked in Central America training the Contras, so in a way the story is personal to me. The fact that our government may have been complicit in destroying an entire community of people makes the story personal for everyone.”

No notable actors have been attached to the project, but Cassavetes said he has directly spoken to both Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio about roles. Cassavetes, who is the son of independent filmmaker John Cassavetes added that the script, which he was commissioned to write last summer, is finished. At this time Ross and Cassavetes are looking for full financing from independent investors.