Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk linked up to release 7 Days Of Funk Tuesday (December 10). While some may have thought it was a one-off project, Snoop says they are just getting started. 

“We just got our feet wet right now,” Snoop said in an interview with MySpace. “When we go all the way in, when we go underwater boogie on the next one? The people requested this. We heard the fans and we gave it to ‘em. I know some of the great musicians would’ve loved to have worked with each other. I’ve had James Ingram and Charlie Wilson in the studio together, never worked together. So I always told myself if I ever became a musician, I’ma work with everybody I wanted to work with, old, new and the same age. I’ve done basically worked with everybody I wanted to in the past, now it’s time to work with my equivalents like Dam.” 

Dam-Funk also spoke about what may be coming from the duo while also speaking about what it was like to work with Snoop, who also went by Snoopzilla for the collaborative collection.

“I looked at working with Snoop as fresh and new,” Dam said. “I didn’t really try to duplicate anything. It was more in the moment. The songs I was picking and sending to him or played for him at the pad, it was just that moment. But I’ve always listened to groups like Change and Mtume and Loose Ends, of course, and P-Funk and Zapp. It was more of a fresh slate with Snoop. Wait until you hear some deeper stuff, like nine-minute epics.”  

7 Days Of Funk was reviewed by HipHopDX recently. The project was rated 4.5 out of 5. 

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, Snoop Dogg spoke about why the project is less than 40 minutes long

“Makes you want more,” Snoop said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “We just be looking at it like it’s only 34 minutes of music. That’s all we gave up was 34 minutes. But it’s 34 minutes of quality music, good music. Babygirl that [did an] interview with me, she was like, ‘That music reminds me of a big hug. I could just play it from top to bottom.’ There’s a lot of albums you can’t play from top to bottom anymore, you gotta go to your favorite song and go back and go forward. This record you could play from top to bottom. And it’s 34 minutes, so by the time you get to where you going, it just started all over again, and you back riding again.”

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