In a week that saw Childish Gambino’s new album release, Wale threatening staff members at the Complex offices, and the animated comedy South Park rekindling its parody of Kanye West, R&B singer Beyonce stole the show yesterday (December 13) with the surprise release of an entirely new album. Despite its lack of lead-up promotion, Beyonce’s self-titled fifth album was released exclusively on iTunes and described by the singer as a “visual album” given the accompanying videos to each song. Besides features from husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy, Bey’s latest also features Drake, Frank Ocean and Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche. With the Jay Z and Drake features in particular, Beyonce managed to own both of HipHopDX’s #1 and #2 tracks of the week respectively.

Following behind Beyonce’s chart-toppers is new music from Canadian rapper Madchild in the midst of the Canadian leg of his current tour. The rest of the Top 10 is rounded out by Lil Wayne and Meek Mill’s feature on YMCM’s Tyga’s new song “Good Day,” pulled from his latest mixtape, Well Done 4. Following its notorious “Fish Sticks” episode years ago, the animated adult comedy “South Park” closed out its seventeenth season with a renewed parody of Kanye West, video of which lands in our Top 5. Collaborations from Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip alongside the less likely linking between Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper also charted.

Beyonce Enlists Jay Z And Drake For Surprise Album Tracks

In a surprisingly well-kept campaign, Beyonce’s latest self-titled album was released with no lead-up two nights ago (December 12). While Beyonce’s unannounced album surprised fans and media outlets, other artists like David Bowie and My Bloody Valentine used the same tactic earlier in the year to the tune of less commercial success. After announcing the release on her Instagram account, Beyoncé quickly climbed the iTunes chart to #1. With 14 new songs and an accompanying video for each (including several bonus videos), Beyoncé is the singer’s first album since 2011.

Seemingly revisiting their pre-marriage 2009 hit “Crazy In Love,” Beyonce and Jay Z team up on the new album for the similarly titled “Drunk In Love.” The new song, which features Jay Z’s verse as a closing feature, finds the singer opening up with a sultry introduction and verse. “Cigars on ice, cigars on ice / Feeling like an animal with these cameras all in my grill / Flashing lights, flashing lights,” she sings. Jay Z’s verse features a sly reference to expensive cognac and modern art. “Foreplay in a foyer, fucked up my Warhol / Slid the panties right to the side,” he raps.

Later in the 14-track album, Drake features on a track written by the Toronto rapper’s own in-house producer, Noah “40” Shebib. “Mine” finds Beyonce and Drake trading verses and the song’s recurring hook with Drake singing as much as rapping throughout. Both “Drunk In Love” and “Mine” can be streamed via HipHopDX below.

Madchild Releases A New Single

Canadian rapper and Swollen Members representative Madchild’s newly released “Act My Age (C-Lance Crazy Clown)” finds itself in the Top 3 with its eerie production and characteristically in-your-face lyrics. Released earlier this week, “Act My Age” serves as a precursor to Madchild’s upcoming Canadian tour beginning tonight (December 14) in Maple Ridge. “Man, I’m happy to be back on stage / I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna act my age,” he raps on the hook. Later in the song he adds on, “Don’t worry about my age / You should worry about my rage / How I jump onto the stage / Like I just hopped out a cage!” Dates and times for Madchild’s tour can be viewed while streaming the song below.

Tyga Adds Lil Wayne & Meek Mill Features To “Well Done 4” Track

Pulled off his recently released Well Done 4 mixtape, Tyga’s latest single, “Good Day,” features quick verses from Lil Wayne and Meek Mill as well as a Lil Wayne-rapped hook. On his verse, Meek Mill raps about making money and jokingly assumes that fans now assume he’s joined the ranks of a secret society. “I’m getting money, must be the Illuminati / They think I signed up ‘cause I just bought a new Ferrari,” he raps, “But they said they want my mind, soul, and my body.” The title of the song and nature of the hook seems to allude to one of Ice Cube’s most famous songs, “It Was A Good Day,” from his third album, The Predator.

“South Park” Spoofs Kanye West (Again)

In its season finale, “South Park” brought back its fictionalized Kanye West character for another round of parody. In its original parody of the rapper for its fifth season, the show constructed a fictional scenario in which a recurrent character writes a widely publicized joke about fish sticks. As the joke spreads to a national audience and other comedians take credit for its creation, it becomes apparent that the fictionalized West does not understand the joke or its punchline.

Titled “The Hobbit,” the updated parody finds the rapper admitting that he’s a “recovering gay fish” and defending his wife Kim Kardashian from accusations that she is a hobbit. The episode also features an obvious spoof of Kanye West’s latest video release. South Park’s “Bound 2” spoof can be streamed below.


This Week’s Top 10

1. Beyonce f. Jay Z – “Drunk in Love” [Video]

2. Beyonce f. Drake – “Mine” [Video]

3. Madchild – “Act My Age (C-Lance Crazy Clown)”

4. Tyga f. Lil Wayne & Meek Mill – “Good Day”

5. Kanye West – “Bound 2” (South Park Spoof) [Video]

6. Busta Rhymes f. Q-Tip – “Butch & Sundance”

7. Justin Bieber f. Chance The Rapper – “Confident”

8. Kendrick Lamar f. Rapper Big Pooh – “Thanksgiving”

9. Dr. Dre & Kendrick Lamar Star In New Beats By Dre Commercial [Video]

10. Krayzie Bone – “Clash Of The Titans (Rap God Remix)”

Last Week’s Top 10

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