Miami rapper Rick Ross offered a brief update on the various happenings at Maybach Music Group during an appearance on HoodRich Radio With DJ Scream this week as he discussed MMG’s newest signees, Fat Trel and Tracy T, and also provided fans with an update on the status of his next studio album, Mastermind.

According to Ross, he’s still putting the final touches on his album and only promised to get the album out “ASAP” when it is complete.

“Most definitely, look for that first Double MG film,” said the rapper. “You know what I’m saying? Coming from the team. Most definitely, look for that. And understand that’s gon’ be real big. But other than that, man, I’m excited for this new music coming from Fat Trel, Tracy T, of course Meek Mill, Wale. Wale working on his new album, man. And Stalley. We just got us a dream team over here. And I’m just really excited to see all the young bosses coming up…I’m still putting final touches on the album, man. And to me, man, making that classic is more important than anything…I’m trying to get it to you and if I don’t I’mma get it to you ASAP.”

Early last month, it was announced that both D.C. rapper Fat Trel and Atlanta lyricist Tracy T would be added to the MMG roster. Trel joined Ross during his interview with DJ Scream as Ross revealed that he’s currently working with the DMV emcee in the studio.

“These two power moves we just made,” said Ross. “These two big partnerships we just made with these two, young bosses, man…Most definitely, you know that boy Fat Trel been eating the streets up like a young G. Coming out of D.C., man. Doing his thing. We in the studio right now cooking up some thangs. So, we just doing what we do.”

Since early October, Ross’ Mastermind LP was slated for release on December 17. As of now it’s unclear when the album will be released and if it will see a release before the close of the year.

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