MMG has signed Fat Trel and Tracy T to its roster. 

The announcements were made by MMG yesterday (November 6) via Twitter.

Rick Ross also spoke about signing Tracy T in a video published today. 

“We make millionaires over here,” Rick Ross said, standing beside Tracy T in a video posted by Mikey T The Movie Star. “We plant seeds and we make millionaires.” 

The announcements on Twitter can be found below.

Tracy T’s signing was also announced by MMG’s Twitter account.

Rumors of Fat Trel signing with MMG date back to at least July

Tracy T and Fat Trel join an MMG roster that includes Wale, Meek Mill and Rick Ross, among others. MMG released a collaborative album Self Made 3 this year. 

In September, Ross spoke about the project.

“It just feels good to see this come to fruition,” Rick Ross said of Self Made 3 in an interview with New York radio station Power 105.1. “It was just an idea, just a couple of years ago. For all of us, it’s just a little alley-oop leading into our own solo projects, our own solo albums that we want to give our people. It’s just fun to get together.” 

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