A 20th anniversary album from Wu-Tang Clan has been a topic of conversation among both fans and those in the Staten Island-based crew ever since RZA hinted at the release of such an album during an appearance on Sway In The Morning last year.

Since that time, a handful of details have surfaced in regards to A Better Tomorrow, but RZA may have caused concern among some fans during a recent interview as he revealed that Raekwon had not shown up to record any music for the album and Ghostface Killah had only been “20 percent present.”

RZA clarified his remarks as he spoke to Arsenio Hall of “The Arsenio Hall Show” earlier this week and said he still wants Raekwon to come through with his addition to what will likely be the group’s last album.

“He’s talking about an article I did where we was talking about doing the new album for the fans,” said RZA, in regards to his Grantland.com interview. “I think when you do 20 years of music and your fans are still supporting you, before you close the chapter, it’s good to do one more album. And so, I been reaching out to all the Wu-Tang brothers. And all of us came to the table so far. Method Man came did a lot of verses. Inspectah Deck, myself, but Raekwon is the last one to come to put his verses on. You know what I mean? So, in the article I was like ‘Yo, Raekwon, my brother, we need you. Come on up here, drop your verses, and let’s make this one final album for the fans.’ So, that’s what that article was about. And I still mean that.”

RZA remained optimistic about Raekwon submitting his verses for A Better Tomorrow and emphasized that everyone except the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard should be present on the project. Ironically, RZA’s appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show” took place on the nine-year-anniversary of the death of ODB.

“If I can say this right now, today is a day that Ol’ Dirty Bastard passed away…But the thing is he can’t be here,” said RZA. “You know what I mean? I can be here. Raekwon can be here. Method Man can be here. So, I just thought that we all should be there. And I know Raekwon’s gonna be there. You know, I love him and we got nothing but brotherly love for each other. But put some of the business to the side and let’s go make this music, yo.”

In his interview with Grantland.com, RZA stated that Method Man showed up the most for the album and also has the most lyrics. He then gave credit to Cappadonna, Masta Killa, and U-God for also playing a role in the creation of the project.

“And one of the guys who showed up the most was Method Man,” he said. “He showed the most tenacity, he was the most vocal, he showed up the most, and he got the most lyrics on the new album. He’s already recorded eight or nine songs. He’s been on it. You know, I give Cappadonna credit; he’s been really on it. U-God has been present. Masta Killa be representing. Inspectah Deck has been somewhat present. Ghost has been, you know, 20 percent present. And Raekwon hasn’t shown up at all.”

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