Andre 3000, of the rap group OutKast, appeared on the HBO political series Real Time with Bill Maher, on Friday (July 30, 2004). Bill recently sent him to the Democratic convention where he was a spokes man for not only the show but for “Declare Yourself.” Andre made it quite clear on the show that he has never voted in 30 years and is not embarrassed to say so. He did however; mention that he would be voting in this election. He was recently hired to become more politically active and recently hosted a soiree for “Declare Yourself,” a non-profit organization that has raised $27 million to help stop the declining of youth vote. “Sometimes entertainers – movie stars and rappers – have even more power than politicians,” said Andre in a recent interview.

In more rapper Election coverage; Rock The Vote organizers are pissed with Lauryn Hill for only performing one song at their recent event. Rumor has it she was paid enormous sums of money to sing, Lauryn Hill left the venue earlier than expected. According to Vibe, “The Rock the Vote people are livid.” Nevertheless, organizer Jay Strell is optimistic more young people will turn up at the ballot box than in 2000.

Puffy just like many rappers before him, has purchased a 21-room mansion for 8.95 million dollars in Alpine, New Jersey. According to sources the mansion is 17,000-square-foot which has eight bedrooms; 91/2-bath spread over 31 acres. Other amenities include an indoor basketball and racquetball court, a full gym with sauna, a pool with a waterfall and separate spa, a 700-gallon aquarium and much more….. The local residence have not complained, but they have reported concern that the rapper may bring increased noise and commotion to the neighborhood.