To prepare for this week’s release of his new album, Suffering from Success, DJ Khaled has released the visuals for “Never Surrender,” a video and song that features Scarface, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton and Akon. 

The release comes shortly after the unveiling of behind-the-scenes footage from the music video. In the behind-the-scenes footage, Scarface spoke about what separates DJ Khaled as a producer. 

“A lot of people get that fucked up,” Scarface said. “They think that a producer make beats and shit. No, a producer gets the job done. Khaled is more of a producer than a whole bunch of mothafuckers that make beats, in my opinion. Khaled see this mothafucker from beginning to end. He produces his own shit. He got niggas that make beats, but a producer, if you look up the word, the mothafucka finishes the shit, producing it, gettin’ it done.” 

The song, as noted, features Anthony Hamilton, John Legend and Akon signing throughout the track. This idea helped create what Khaled has referred to as an event.

“Everybody’s gonna sing the hook, because this is gonna touch the nerve of the gutter, but in a soulful way,” Khaled has said in clips regarding the making of this song. “They gonna talk about this when it come out…What I just named is an event.”

Suffering from Success is slated to be released tomorrow (October 22). 

The video for “Never Surrender” can be viewed below.

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