DJ Khaled’s Suffering from Success features an extensive list of collaborators, but perhaps none with as high-profile a collection of artists as “Never Surrender,” which features Scarface, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, Akon, John Legend, and Anthony Hamilton.

In a making-of video on WorldStarHipHop, Face discussed the perception that Khaled is not a producer.

“A lot of people get that fucked up. They think that a producer make beats and shit,” explained the Houston Rap legend. “No, a producer gets the job done. Khaled is more of a producer than a whole bunch of motherfuckers that make beats, in my opinion.”

“He producers his own shit. He got niggas that make beats, but a producer… finishes the shit. Producing is gettin’ it done,” said Scarface.

Scarface also went into detail about his verse on “Never Surrender.” “The story that I wrote about was this story right here. His homeboy, they was all in the house after a party, they was chillin’ and kickin’ it, whatever, I guess. Killed the homie, took the money, got him to open the safe, locked him back up in the house. Twenty years ago, twenty-one years ago. It’s the first time we’ve been back over here in these particular apartments. I just felt like it was only right to show this shit, because this is like a pillar.”

The incident left a long-lasting impact on Scarface’s neighborhood, he explained. “This is when our neighborhood, really, was finally like said, ‘Man, if you ain’t grew up with us, my nigga, we don’t fuck with you, period.'”

During the video, Khaled also explained the thought process behind having three major R&B stars in Akon, John Legend, and Anthony Hamilton on one hook. “Everybody’s gonna sing the hook, because this is gonna touch the nerve of the gutter, but in a soulful way. They gonna talk about this when it come out… What I just named is an event.”

Khaled has collaborated with Scarface on “Hip Hop” from his 2012 release Kiss the Ring. Akon collaborations include “My Life” from 2011’s We the Best Forever, “Out Here Grindin'” from 2008’s We Global, and “We Takin’ Over” from 2007’s We the Best. Khaled collaborated with John Legend on “Grammy Family” from Listennn… The Album and the title track from 2010’s Victory.

Suffering From Success is due in stores October 22, and features Diddy, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Timbaland, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and more.

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