Nicki Minaj is slated to be a guest on the episode of “The Queen Latifah Show” that is scheduled to air Tuesday (October 22). In a clip from that show, Nicki Minaj praises Queen Latifah’s contributions to entertainment.

“You’ve opened so many doors for me and so many other women and it’s insane because I always reference you when I talk about female rappers who’ve, like, kinda paved the way in terms of a business woman and mogul and just all-around entertainer,” Nicki Minaj says in the clip, which is on Queen Latifah’s YouTube page. “To be sitting her doing your show, it’s just a great moment for Hip Hop. So, thank you for having me.”

In the clip, Queen Latifah also seems proud of having Nicki Minaj as a guest on her program. “I’m sitting here with a female rapper on a talk show started by a female rapper,” Queen Latifah says. “This is a moment for me. It really is a full-circle moment for me. I probably never envisioned this.”

During a 2012 interview with Funkmaster Flex, Nicki Minaj said that she loved Lauryn Hill and that Queen Latifah was among the female rappers she sometimes forgot to mention when naming her favorite female rappers.

“I always forget to name so many people,” Nicki Minaj said at the time. “I always forget to name [MC] Lyte,[Queen] LatifahLeft Eye, [Da] Brat and Missy.” 

Queen Latifah released her debut album, All Hail The Queen, in 1989. She launched her film career two years later with supporting roles in Jungle Fever and House Party 2. Her “Living Single” television show aired from 1993-98.

The success of Latifah’s recording career and “Living Single,” among other things, led to Queen Latifah’s first talk show, the “Queen Latifah Show,” which debuted in 1999. Her new talk show, “The Queen Latifah Show” launched earlier this year.

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