Game, who recently became a free agent after completing his contractual obligations to Universal Music Group’s Interscope Geffen A&M, recently spoke about his future plans.

“My contract is done with Interscope,” Game said in an interview with “I was done after my fifth album, which was Jesus Piece. I’m a free agent now. I’ve been getting lots of calls. There have been so many meetings. The cool thing is to have five platinum albums under your belt and still be able to have people appreciate you and the momentum to keep it going. It’s just beautiful. I don’t know specifically where I’ll end up. I’ve been entertaining a lot of options.”

Game, whose The Documentary album was certified double platinum by the RIAA, also said he is leaning towards signing with Cash Money Records. 

“For people who are fans of The Game and really got the last album, I’ve been leaning that way for a little while,” Game said. “I talk to Stunna at least two or three times a week. He always says how big of an opportunity it would be for him and for myself to swing that way. You never know, man. I know he’s got a lot of money, and I love money [laughs].” 

Game has alluded to contractual discussions with Cash Money Records in the past, including on “The City” off 2011’s The R.E.D. Album.

“Either I’m crazy, or / The Black Slim Shady, or / Could that be the reason that Baby said he would pay me more?” Game raps on the song. “But I still owe [Chairman of Universal Music Group] Jimmy [Iovine] one more album.”

Game has been speaking about potentially signing with Cash Money since at least 2011. 

“You know Interscope/Aftermath, that’s my label and I’ma hold it down for them forever,” Game said in a 2011 interview with BET. “I’ve been there for four albums, and I’ve got one more album before I’m a free agent. We’re gonna try and turn that one around real quick. Then I’ll make the executive decision on what I’ll do with the rest of my career. I might get into acting, I might go over to Cash Money. You never know.”

Game Says He’s Spoken With Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle & Snoop Dogg About Collaborative Albums

Game also said that he has spoken with different artists about creating collaborative albums in his recent interview with

“I talk to cats all the time,” Game said. “I talked to Kendrick Lamar about doing something in the future. Nipsey Hussle is a good friend of mine. Of course, Snoop Dogg always wants to get down. You just never know which way the music is going to take you. I wake up every day, brush my teeth, and get ready to attack and seize the moment. I carry myself like that day by day. Hopefully, one day, I get to add one of those types of albums to my legacy.” 

In the interview, Game also speaks about charitable efforts with his Robin Hood Project.

“About The Robin Hood Project, I met a kid in Australia about three weeks or a month ago,” Game said. “When I’m in other areas and cities outside of the country, I can’t walk around with my usual five racks that I do when I’m at home so I only had like 100 bucks of Australian currency on me. I went into the grocery store. We went shopping to get food because we stayed in one of those little condos. We were going to cook a bunch of food so I ended up spending about $80. When I came out of the store, there was a kid. I only had 20 bucks left. This kid told me his story about how he and his family are really poor. They came from Nigeria. He and his little brother were playing so I gave him what I had, which was $20. They were super excited, man. For the next couple of nights, it really ate me inside because I wanted to do more and give more. I would’ve given him everything I had if I had been home with my usual amount I travel with.

“Immediately, I created The Robin Hood Project in my mind,” Game added. “I didn’t have a logo or an idea. I just started giving money to homeless people when I was in Australia. When I had about two or three days left before I came home, I saw the story about Tiana Ricks, the six-year-old girl who was gunned down in Los Angeles. I reached out, got in touch with her parents, and wired them $10,000 so they could cover her funeral costs. Ever since then, it’s had a snowball effect. I’ve seen stories about these kids. There was a woman who was murdered in the 99 Cents Store in Los Angeles a week ago. I’ve been helping them. Drake came in with me and donated a nice amount of money as well as Khloe Kardashian and Top Dawg from Top Dawg Entertainment. I’m doing something with Nick Cannon this week. It’s all good. It’s been happening that way. It’s been bringing a lot of positivity in my life.

“There’s a 2-year-old girl who passed away the other day,” Game continued. “I met her father. He came down and told me all about her. I was able to hand him a check for $5,000—me and one of my friends. To meet these people and see how big of a help we can be in someone else’s life is amazing. As far as funerals are concerned, lifting the financial burden off of someone is really big. The first thing they stress out about is where they’re going to get the money to bury their loved ones. Being able to take care of that for people makes it a little easier to sleep at the end of the day.”

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