As one of the lengthiest feuds in Hip Hop, the beef between rappers Game and 50 Cent has seen a variety of moments. The feud between the G-Unit helmsman and his former associate reached a violent peak in 2005 when a shooting took place outside of New York radio station HOT 97 while 50 Cent was in the building and Game and his entourage were outside.

The feud between the former allies has since lessened in intensity, and during a recent interview with Larry King, Game spoke candidly about his beef with the Before I Self Destruct rapper. According to the Compton emcee, who says he hasn’t seen 50 Cent in nearly a decade, his feud with the rapper was partially the result of two egos.

“I haven’t seen him in about eight years,” said Game. “There was a rift. We had a shootout in New York. In front of a radio station…It was a little bit more than a rift. Egos, young, dumb, ignorant, who knows.”

Game later commented on his music career when asked if he still has more to rap about since he’s been in the music business nine years now. He later touched on his status as a free agent and the work that goes into plotting his next move.

“When people ask me questions like that, the answer is simply I cannot fit 33 years of life in five discs,” said the Jesus Piece rapper. “You know, five CDs. So, of course there’s always events changing in my life, things happening. So, there’s always new [something] to rap about.

“Recently, a free agent. Was signed to Interscope for my last five albums, which of course are all platinum,” he added. “I been taking a lot of meetings and a lot of conference calls about my next move. And I just—I haven’t narrowed it down yet.”

Game’s feud with 50 Cent began around the time the HOT 97 shooting took place, when 50 Cent announced that the West Coast addition to G-Unit was no longer a part of the group he created. The issue between the duo sparked from there with Game boycotting the group he referred to as “G-Unot.” A number of reconciliation attempts were made, among them a peace treaty, but nothing was ever solidified. Most recently, a petition was created on behalf of Game calling for a G-Unit reunion. The petition was later dismissed by 50 Cent.

Game’s most recent release, 2012’s Jesus Piece, serves as the last album the rapper released as an artist signed to Interscope Records. The album, Game’s fifth, includes guest appearances from Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, and more.

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