Dirty Science, a record label/crew which has released albums by Blu and Exile has released albums by Emanon, is set to showcase new music from the group and many of its affiliates in Los Angeles, California’s The Echo Thursday (September 19). The show is slated to set up a collaborative album featuring Dirty Science affiliates, according to Dag Savage’s Johaz

“Basically, it’s just showcasing how powerful Dirty Science is,” Johaz said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX regarding the upcoming show. “It’s leading up to dropping a Dirty Science album in the future. So, we’re just showcasing all of our talents so you can see all of us together.” 

Johaz also confirmed some details about the forthcoming album. 

“That could be sometime at the top of the year, January or February,” Johaz said. “That’s something we cookin’ up, so we wanna get people familiar with seeing us all together.”

Dirty Science’s Thursday showcase is slated to include performances by various acts, including Blu & Exile, Fashawn, Dag Savage and Emanon.

Emanon, a group featuring Aloe Blacc and Exile, is set to return with new music when they hit the stage this week. Emanon has released several projects, including imaginary friends and The Waiting Room.

Other acts are also slated to make special guest appearances. M.E.D., Blame One, Co$$ and Thurz are among those scheduled to appear at the event. According to the press release for the show, House Shoes and DJ Day are also set to have deejay sets at the showcase.  

“Wine and Cheese” by Dag Savage can be heard below. 

Tickets can be purchased at ArtDontSleep.com.

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