Pusha T’s upcoming album, My Name is My Name, is slated to feature Kendrick Lamar.

“He’s on a record called ‘Nosetalgia,'” Pusha said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “We gave two perspectives [on the song]. [Kendrick Lamar] was giving more, looking from the inside of his home and how his family and his crusade through the drug epidemic affected him. I was giving you the junior high, high school start, showing you what it was and where I was at.”  

Beyond detailing the thematic elements of his Kendrick Lamar collaboration, Pusha T also revealed that My Name is My Name, set to be released October 8, will showcase his more conscious perspective. 

“I speak from the perspective of a conscious dopeboy,” Pusha T said. “At the end of the day, it’s sort of like giving people my perspective, letting them know my true thought process. I don’t really know if people look at me as a conscious person. I think they hear a lot of gratuitous raps, they hear a lot of braggin’, but I feel like this bein’ my solo project, I can honestly give you my full perspective.” 

Pusha T Describes My Name Is My Name’s Song About Snitching 

Another example of Pusha’s perspective comes in “Sorry Nigga, I’m Trying to Come Home,” a selection off My Name is My Name which Pusha says is likely its “most poignant.” 

“I have a song produced by Pharrell called ‘Sorry Nigga, I’m Trying to Come Home,'” Pusha T Said. “The acronym for that is S.N.I.T.C.H. I personally don’t really want to hear anymore one-dimensional street raps. This is probably the most poignant record on my album. It’s the realest record. It just speaks from the perspective of knowing people who’ve turned over in the game. No rapper talks about that. Every rapper makes you feel like…they don’t know anybody [who has become a police informant] or [that] anybody in their crew hasn’t turned over…Everybody else gonna make you think that, ‘Yeah, we was doin’ this. We was doin’ that, and we got rich and there was no hiccups.’ And there’s been hiccups.” 

In August, Pusha T told Esquire that he believed My Name is My Name would be the best album of the year.  

“Well, I’ve heard a lot of them,” Pusha T said. “And mine is better. [Laughs]…I just know what I’m looking to bring to the music game, and it’s a certain level of energy. I’ve made the perfect album that I want to put in my car and ride to.” 

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UPDATE #1: Def Jam has released a YouTube video stream of “Nosetalgia.” The song, which can be streamed on HipHopDX, can also be streamed below.

(September 16)

UPDATE #2: A video for “Nosetalgia” has been released. It can be viewed below.

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