Ja Rule has released “Fresh Out Da Pen,” a song about his mentality upon being released from prison. 

“Fresh out the pen,” Ja Rule says on the song. “Middle finger up / Nigga, I don’t give a fuck / And you know what y’all can suck.” 

Rule also aims words towards federal agents. 

“Fuck the feds, whoever’s listening / I know you niggas watchin’ / but as long as I’m alive, who’s gon’ stop me?”

In his last verse, Rule also comments on a bevy of recent pop culture events (Miley Cyrus twerking at the MTV VMAs) and songs (Jay Z’s “Tom Ford” and Ace Hood’s “Bugatti”), as well as his stance on being “innocent” and avoiding the use of Molly.

“You gon’ get this work,” Rule says. “I’ma see you twerk it like Miley / You the bad girl like Ri-Ri that’s gone off that Molly / But I don’t pop that Molly / And I don’t rock Tom Ford / I ain’t wake up in a Bugatti / I’m just tryin’ to avoid the law / Nigga ain’t tryin’ to get locked up no more / I’m iced up real rocky / Keep a kilo of that hard white…around my neck / That’s not me / Nigga ain’t ’bout that life if y’all listenin’ / I’m innocent / Real shit / But I’ll be fresh as hell if y’all watchin’.” 

Ja Rule’s reference to being “innocent” likely refers to his recent legal issues. He was incarcerated following an arrest for weapons possession in 2007. He was also convicted of failing to pay federal taxes in 2011Rule served close to two years in prison before being released to house arrest. Rule has been in the studio with Ashanti and others since being released from house arrest. 

Before releasing “Fresh Out Da Pen,” Rule made a Twitter post about the song. He also said it would not be a diss towards 50 Cent. 

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