Ashanti and Ja Rule are working together once again. 

The “Always on Time” artists were in a recording studio over the weekend. Ashanti said it felt “great” to reconnect with the rapper who recently spent two years in prison. Rule was incarcerated following a 2007 arrest for weapons possession and was also convicted of failing to pay federal taxes in 2011. He served close to two years in prison before being released to house arrest. Shortly after Rule’s release from house arrest, he and Ashanti met to collaborate. 

Ja Rule and Ashanti worked on a variety of songs over the years including 2001’s “Always on Time,” 2002’s “Mesmerize” and 2004’s “Wonderful.” In the midst of their success with Murder Inc. the label was faced with legal issues. 

In May 2003, it was reported that the federal government launched an affidavit against Murder Inc. for a possible money-laundering scheme. In an effort to alter their brand’s image, the label changed its name to The Inc. that same year. Eventually, the label would fold and relaunch without Ja Rule, the label’s former star, on the roster.

In June, Ashanti addressed the topic of reuniting with Ja Rule.

“I spoke to him the other day and I’m super, super excited for him,” Ashanti said. “He is in great spirits…He has a studio downstairs in the house. That’s where he’s gonna be all the time. He’s super excited about the music…Hopefully, we get it all popping. It’s no denying our chemistry…I mean, he has to focus on his stuff right now. And I gotta focus on mine.”

A picture of Rule and Ashanti in the studio can be found below, as posted on her Instagram account.

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