Scott Storch said during an interview with RapFixLive yesterday (August 21) that he was robbed of $100,000 of jewelry and $5,000 cash Tuesday (August 20) in Manhattan, New York.

“I was coming out of the studio around like seven in the morning and just unexpectedly, two 7-foot tall thugs came out of nowhere and bam, they got me… gunpoint, yeah,” Storch said during the interview. “They said, ‘Give it up,’ or they was gonna shoot. They had the gun like pressed up on me and everything. It was crazy.”

The producer, who is in New York in advance of the MTV Video Music Awards, said he was going toward the SUV that was waiting for him when he was approached by the robbers.

“I was walking out of the studio and they got us before I could get to the car,” he said. “It’s a setup thing. I think right now people really need to make sure that when you’re in the studios during an award show like VMAs, people they’re on the hunt right now. There’s a lot of chains and watches out there when the VMAs are on. People gotta make sure their security team is right.”

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Storch, a former member of The Roots who has produced for Chris Brown, Dr. Dre and Beyonce, among others, says he has bigger concerns than his material possessions.

“I’m not really worried about losing that stuff, just as long as my family and myself are OK,” he said. “We went unharmed and nothing’s gonna stop the music.”

Moving forward, though, Storch said he will amend how he operates.

“[I’ll be] at least be a little bit more aware of where we’re going to be and be a little bit more prepared,” he says.

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