Veteran producer Scott Storch is known to flaunt his wealth. The Miami, Florida-based former member of The Roots and multi-platinum hit-maker showed the public his martime mansion in the mid-2000s, and has been regularly photographed with expensive jewelry and automobiles at the height of his his 20-plus-year career.

This morning, those material goods reportedly cost Storch. The keyboardist for The Roots’ “What U Want” and Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.” was reportedly robbed outside of the New York Palace Hotel in Manhattan. Per’s report, two men approached the parked SUV on Madison Avenue where Storch was waiting, and were quoted to tell the 39-year-old, “Give us all your jewelry and cash or you’re dead.”

Storch reportedly gave the assailants less than $5,000 in a briefcase and several items of jewelry. They also demanded the keys to the vehicle, making it unusable.

TMZ reports that the onetime Camden, New Jersey-based producer is in town for this month’s MTV Video Music Awards.

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