Loaded Lux recently spoke about his favorite battles and his open invitation to take on Eminem.  

“This is out of nowhere but one day, if I could get that bout, that would be something,” Loaded Lux said of a battle with Eminem in an interview with VladTV.  “That’d be the one. That seals the deal.”

When asked if he was calling Eminem out, Loaded Lux explained his position. 

“I’m letting the brother know, if he’s willing to oblige, respectfully, I’m here, man,” Lux said. “That would be the pinacle, man. I have a lot of respect for Eminem as a battle emcee.”

The interview can be seen below.

Loaded Lux, who has garnered acclaim for battles in the Ultimate Rap League, was also asked about his favorite battle of all time. Lux explained why he feels the Jay Z versus DMX battle takes the crown for him.  

“The Jay Z versus DMX [battle],” Loaded Lux said. “You hear so many stories about it, man, why the footage ain’t out, who won, who really won. I’ve been speculating for so long because it’s a mystery, I guess, that just remains my number one joint. I always say, ‘Imagination is better than knowledge,’ so my mind is always wondering and you see the little clips in Backstage and I always wonder what that battle was like though, for real, the DMX versus Jay Z [battle]. From what I’ve heard about it, it was historical, monumental. I’ve never seen it in full but for some reason, that’s my number one battle ’cause I can’t even pass judgement on it.”  

Footage of the DMX and Jay Z cypher described by Lux can be seen below.

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