I don’t know what you take me as
or understand the intelligence that Jay-Z has
I’m from rags to riches nigga I ain’t dumb
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one
Hit me…
Jay-Z “99 Problems”

Apparently Jay-Z had a problem with a female in a shocking video that was pulled out of the archives of the Backstage DVD by HipHopDX.

As of this time I have yet to hear from my numerous contacts at Roc-A-Fella in regards to Jay-Z’s side to this affair.

But, if pictures speak louder than words then Jigga-man has some explaining to do. The assault looks unprovoked as HOVA walks into what looks like a backstage area of a concert venue.

As Mr. Carter walks into the room he has a rather irritated look upon his face and without hesitation lashes out at an unidentified female in the video. The video is brief…but, shows a lot.

Now, let’s look at this from the point of view of my former profession as a police officer and investigator…from those hazy lenses Jay-Z appears to have committed an unprovoked assault upon a defenseless female while others within in Jay’s entourage, security and backstage ballas watched and did nothing…this does not appear to be good.

But, as in all things media and news related…it all comes out in the end. Jigga has his side of the story and we would love to get comment from him or his peeps…

After sending two-ways and leaving numerous messages from Damon Dash’s office to Jay-Z’s assistant, Roc-A-Fella has yet to comment in regards to the video.

So, fellow HipHopDX’ers we’ll let you be the judge…was up with Jay-Z in this video? Is there an explanation that would satisfy die-hard Hip Hop haters like Bill O’Reilly? We sincerely hope so. With the current state of Hip Hop…this is certainly something that we don’t need.

At Press time, it is our understanding Roc-a-Fella was developing a press release; however after numerous calls on our part they have made no comment on the situations.

Check out the Movie:
*Clip From Backstage The DVD

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