There is still aftermath to Chris Brown and Frank Ocean’s January studio parking lot brawl in Los Angeles, California. While Brown nearly faced charges and probation violation for the January 28 incident outside of Westlake Studios, he now faces a legal suit from Frank Ocean’s cousin, who was on hand during the incident. reports that Sha’Keir Duarte, Ocean’s cousin, claims he was permamently injured in his back by one of Chris Brown’s bodyguards just under eight months ago in the incident. The report alleges that Duarte blames a Brown associate and employee named “Hood.”

Duarte’s suit alleges that Brown urged his bodyguard, yelling, “Get that nigga,” and later prodding him with, “You just got your ass beat, and it’s all on camera.”

The terms of Duarte’s suit were not disclosed.

A representative from Brown’s camp later told that the RCA Records star singer does not employ anybody known under the alias of Hood.

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