A fight reportedly broke out between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown in Los Angeles on Sunday night. The brawl was originally reported by TMZ, with reports claiming that Ocean initiated the altercation. However, Ocean later shared his take on the events, saying he was “jumped.”

The initial reports stated that Ocean and friends stopped Chris Brown from leaving the Westlake Studio parking lot. According to TMZ’s source, Ocean said, “This is my studio. This is my parking spot.” 

The source also claimed that Chris Brown attempted to shake Ocean’s hand but that Ocean and friends attacked Brown. The source shared that Ocean confronted Brown but that Brown shoved him away, leading to a fight between the two singers before police arrived on the scene.

Ocean later shared his own version of the altercation on Twitter, saying he was “jumped” and that he wished Everest, his friend and the executive producer behind Channel Orange, was there. 

Bad blood between Brown and Ocean stems from a past filled with anomisty from both parties. The two were at odds when Chris Brown compared Ocean to James Fauntleroy and Kevin Cossum. Ocean then compared Brown to Sisqo and Ike Turner. While they seemed to move forward from there, the two were linked in a feud again when Brown made comments regarding Ocean’s sexuality

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