This week, DMC give his take on Lil Wayne and Jay Z, Jay Z and Dame Dash are all smiles at a party, and Yelawolf says he and Macklemore exchanged words over a t-shirt design.

DMC Says Lil Wayne and Jay Z “Ain’t Hot”

DMC has never had trouble speaking his mind, so it wasn’t altogether surprising when the founding member of Run-DMC had some criticism for Jay Z and Lil Wayne.

“Lil Wayne [and] Jay-Z ain’t hot, it’s just they’re programmed so many times people are brainwashed,” said DMC.

He explained his position, stating that Hip Hop’s core essence had disappeared. “It was inevitable that Hip Hop became commercialized but along the way our power got taken away,” stated the Queens legend. “Now you got the same 12 records on radio being played over and over again.”

“We wanted to change the world, taking responsibility for our actions,” said DMC of early Hip Hop acts. “Now everything that’s negative in stupid-ass America is celebrated.”

Jay Z & Dame Dash Spotted Together For First Time In Years

Hip Hop has had its fair share of reunions, but one that many could have never seen happening was Jay Z and Damon “Dame” Dash, a friendship and business partnership that spawned Roc-A-Fella Records and Roc-A-Wear.

The union produced movies, world tours, liquors, and was instrumental in the careers of Kanye West, Beanie Sigel, Freeway and others.

Now, after Jay and Dame’s public split following 2003’s The Black Album, the two Hip Hop personalities have been photographed for the first time, when both men attended mutual friend Chaka’s birthday party:

Currently, Jay Z heads Roc Nation and Dame heads DD172/BluRoc Records.

Yelawolf Says He & Macklemore Had Confrontation Over T-Shirt Design

Over his Instagram page, Shady Records artist Yelawolf says that he recently confronted Macklemore after the latter’s set during the Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal, Canada.

The source of the confrontation was a fan’s Macklemore t-shirt, which Yela believes copied a t-shirt design of his.

“In a Sea of about 20,000 plus people this fan walked up to me yesterday and asked me for a photo .. I saw the Buck logo but didn’t remember making the shirt ..I took the photo then said let me see that that shirt .. GET THE BUCK OUTTA HERE !!!” States the post. “.. Are you kidding me @maclemore ? I confronted him after his set .. And he said its 5 or 6 years old .. And ask ” are we cool ?” He’s a fan obviously so whatever …. Look if y’all see this shirt out there call it out .. 4,5,6 years old don’t matter .. She was wearing it yesterday .. THATS OUR SHIT BE CLAER ! .. POSERS .. #SLUMERICAN”

Below is a picture of the fan’s shirt from Yela’s instagram page, followed by a picture of Yelawolf’s design:

Crooked I’s Apex Predator “Falls Short” Of Rapper’s Potential

After many years in the game, former Death Row and current Slaughterhouse member Crooked I has finally released his debut album, Apex Predator.

HipHopDX’s review of the project found that the rapper’s abilities are without question, but the project still doesn’t live up to expectations:

“At times, Slaughterhouse as a whole has been accused by some of not being able to write a good song. If there was any doubt Crooked I can’t as an individual, Apex Predator, should erase any such doubts. Unfortunately, Crook doesn’t display that ability consistently throughout project. Potential is a word seldom used for someone as experienced as Crooked I, however, with this being his proper debut album, you can definitely see the potential of what Crooked could accomplish for his next go round. While a decent project, Apex Predator falls short of what Crooked I is now clearly capable of releasing.”

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