In the days leading up to the release of his 13th studio album, Something Else, Tech N9ne has elected to decode one of the more personal tracks from the album, “Meant to Happen.”

“When I hear something beautiful, I try to put that darkness on top of it,” said Tech in an interview with HardKnockTV. “The contrast is just wicked to me.”

Tech continued, providing an example of a story that juxtaposed both the beautiful and the wicked. “I told stories about shit that happened in my life. My mom waiting for her prom date, which was my father… He never came while she was waiting for him to come to the prom, and she had her first epileptic seziure that night.”

“And I’m asking the darkness, ‘Why?’ And the darkness is like, ‘It was all meant to happen for you to go through that shit.'”

And while Something Else has yet to even drop, that hasn’t stopped Tech from thinking about his following projects.

In an interview with MTV’s Hive, Tech N9ne discussed an upcoming EP and another studio album.

“November 5 I have a nine-song EP, Therapy. It’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll project,” revealed Tech.

“My next album is called Special Effects. I ain’t ever told nobody that. Soon as I get through Therapy, I’mma start getting beats.” Currently there is no date Special Effects.

Something Else hits shelves on July 30, and features Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and others.

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