Wu-Tang Clan emcee’s RZA and U-God have become notoriously known for their past riffs with one another, with U-God previously citing mistreatment from RZA and other Wu-Tang members and even suing Wu-Tang Music Group for a sum of $170,000 back in 2008. But in a recent interview with TheBeeShine.com, U-God spoke on his respect for RZA and even expressed his love for the Wu-Tang spitter turned film composer.

U-God specifically spoke on a powerful conversation he had with RZA, which ultimately resulted in the rapper making a decision in regards to his involvement with Wu-Tang and the future of his music career.

“One good memory was when RZA told me – I was still kinda wild and kinda crazy behind the ears a little bit. And RZA sat down and told me like ‘Yo son, you gotta make a decision whether you gonna be in the streets or you gonna fuck with this Wu-Tang shit.’ He sat me down like a fatherly figure,” U-God revealed.” That’s why I got the utmost respect for RZA to this day. We go through our little changes. This is business. You know what I’m saying? We go through our things, but deep down I love this nigga like…so fuckin much for that talk. And he made me make a decision that changed my life.”

Later in the interview, U-God touched on his upcoming project, a solo album titled Keynote Speaker, and spoke on his unwillingness to release a project until he’s completely satisfied with the end result.

“The process of making a record is like microwave food,” said the rapper. “Dudes trying to microwave food fast and put it out there. That’s why the game is fucked up. But the process I come from is taking your time and making sure that every word is right. Every line is good…I’m always gonna take my time. You ain’t gonna rush me to do what I got to do. I’m not gon’ move, I’m not gon’ drop a single until I feel like the shit is fire. And right now Keynote Speaker is fire.”

Keynote Speaker will be released on July 23 and will include guest appearances from Method Man, GZA, Styles P, and more.

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