Jermaine Dupri owes a significant chunk of change to the U.S. Government.

Just days after Lauryn Hill wrote a manifesto on Tumblr decrying the IRS, the government agency imposed two tax liens on the So So Def head, totalling nearly $800,000, reports TMZ.

The figure comes from unpaid taxes from the years 2008, 2010, and 2011.

In 2008, Dupri didn’t pay $646.47; in 2010, $140,889.76; in 2011, $657,156.12. The total comes out to $798,692.35.

Dupri recently paid off a $3 million tax lien for unpaid taxes in 2006. Before that, he paid $500,000 to the state of Georgia for unpaid taxes. In 2011, the producer was sued for unpaid child support, and narrowly avoided foreclosure on his Atlanta, Georgia mansion.

It should be noted that in 2009, Dupri was videotaped with Nelly and NFL Player Adam “Pacman” Jones at a Las Vegas Strip club. When asked about the night, which included Jones and Nelly throwing thousands of one-dollar bills in the air, Dupri replied, “A lot of y’all comment on how stupid it is. It might be stupid to you, but this is what we do. We eat, we kick it, we throw money. Don’t make this one situation blow the whole thing out.”

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