Producer Jermaine Durpi lent his thoughts on the recently-released footage of him, Nelly and NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones at a Las Vegas strip club on the night of an infamous shooting.

I’m from a city where in Atlanta, we do this every day,” said Dupri of the scene, according to USAToday. “You’ll hear this in Jeezy records. When Jeezy say he spends $10,000 on one song? That shit is for real man. It aint no play.”

The video shows Jones “making it rain” by throwing thousands of one-dollar bills in the air near a group of strippers. In the video, rapper Nelly takes the stage to do the same. “A lot of yall comment on how stupid it is. It might be stupid to you, but this is what we do,” elaborated Dupri. “We eat, we kick it, we throw money. Don’t make this one situation blow the whole thing out.”

When some of the strippers stop in mid-dance to pick up the money, Jermaine Dupri went to the deejay booth and took the microphone. He then proceeded to chastise the strippers for stopping mid-dance, insisting they continue.

You’re not supposed to get your money until the dance is finished,” said Dupri of the situation. “These girls was picking the money up [as] soon as the money was flying, like someone was going to steal it. That kind of gave me an idea of the place that we were in. I was like ‘oh these girls are going to start fighting or something because they don’t know understand what the fuck is going on in here.’”

Allegedly (and not caught on film), one of the strippers continued to pick money up, after which point Jones grabbed her by the hair and punched her numerous times. After an altercation with security, Jones says he was approached by gunman Arvin Edwards, who, according to Jones, told him he would retrieve his money.

Shortly after, Edwards allegedly entered the club, and fired into the crowd striking three people. One of those hit the club’s shift manager, who is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Dupri maintained that Jones was trying to break up a fight between two dancers.

Edwards‘ trial begins February 2010. He is being tried for attempted murder.