In a newly-released video clip from a past studio session, D.C. rapper Wale and actor/comedian Jerry Seinfeld are seen lightheartedly chopping it up in the studio, but according to the The Gifted rapper, he was slightly intimidated upon first meeting the former “Seinfeld” star.

After speaking to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club about how a chance encounter with Seinfeld’s accountant and a few phone calls eventually led to the pair’s first meeting, Wale revealed that he felt “inferior” when first meeting the actor.

“I was nervous as shit when I first met him,” said Wale. “I was real nervous. Cause that was just like, he white and he rich. He’s just from another whole world and I just kinda felt inferior a little bit. In retrospect, at that point I didn’t know why I was feeling that way.”

Wale later added that he expected Seinfeld to come across as arrogant and was surprised to instead find that their interaction with one another was “super chill.”

“You used to nigga’s that’s that poppin’ to kind of have an arrogance about them, so I was expecting it and it wasn’t there. Initially, I did feel kind of inferior to him,” he explained. “But now it’s like super chill. We talk, we banter, we joke around, and all that other stuff.”

Jerry Seinfeld’s addition to The Gifted can be found towards the end of the project on “Outro About Nothing.” Released on June 25, The Gifted serves as Wale’s third studio album and boasts appearances from Cee Lo Green, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and more.

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