Game famously dropped a line about Nike’s Air Max 95s in his 2005 hit single “Hate It Or Love It.” Now, in the first episode of Season 2 of’s “Sneak Peek,” the Compton, California rapper showcases part of his massive shoe collection.  

Even though Game likes a wide range of shoes, including Foamposites and Jordans, he says that Dr. Dre is more particular. “If you don’t know nothing about Dr. Dre, what you need to know is that he wear Air Force 1s to this day, every single day,” says Game, who adds that he’s got about 1,000 pair of Air Force 1s. “A fresh white pair, every day. Brand new. A pair of Air Force 1s to Dr. Dre is [like] socks. When he take ’em off, they’re a wrap.”

Fat Joe, on the other hand, shares Game’s affinity for a variety of shoes. “Fat Joe got some kicks, man. He see me and then he look down [at my shoes],” Game says to “Sneak Peek” host George Kiel III. “I see him and I look down. He’s always got on some kicks, man, that I either want or I’ve been looking for, man. And I think he do it on purpose and I think I do the same thing. So when I know that I’m going to see him, I’m definitely wearing some shit I know he ain’t got.” 

Game says he is particularly fond of the Jordan brand, too. He says he has three closets of just Jordans, one in each of his Los Angeles area homes. The Jordan Concord is among his all-time favorite pair of shoes. “My absolutely favorite Jordan ever in life,” he says. “If you got a pair of these, I will buy them from you, no matter what. Concords. This is my favorite J. It will always be my favorite Jordan. Nothing will ever change that. Nothing will ever come between me and this shoe, not a girl. Not nothing. Not money.”

As for Nike’s Air Max 95, which he raps about it in “Hate It Or Love It,” Game recites his famous line in the “Sneak Peek” video: “I told Pooh in ’95 / I kill you if you try me for my Air Max ’95s.” “Most of my time spent gangbanging was in this shoe,” Game says of the Air Max 95. He says that he has about 20 pair of the shoe.

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