Over the past few weeks, 50 Cent has been making headlines with his latest collaboration with Eminem and Adam Levine “My Life.” Now, in a recent interview with HipHopWired, Fif discusses his approach to the record.

50 Cent began by likening “My Life” to his verse on Game’s single “Hate It Or Love It,” from his 2005 album The Documentary. He said that he decided to approach the song from a vulnerable mind state, adding that the song’s content is a natural progression for him as an artist.

“What stands out immediately is the vulnerability in the actual writing of the record. I kind of stay away from those points,” he explained. “We all have those moments that we don’t actually like to focus on because it’s uncomfortable. The only other song that I wrote that had that kind of vulnerability to it was ‘Hate It Or Live It.’ I talked about growing up I was confused, by my mother kissing a girl. It’s not understanding what’s going on in front of you. Confusion particularly is a vulnerable state for artists or creative people. They don’t know where to start or where things in. On this particular project the confusion is when you get to the point, you finally become comfortable with the concept of winning and then people decide to go the other way in conversation. You haven’t changed as an actual artist—if anything you’ve grown—but they’re saying ‘I miss the old Fif,’ or things that you can’t re-create. All you can do is offer a portion of who you actually are to create a separation between you and other artists in music.”

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