As details begin to emerge in the upcoming biopic on the late Nina Simone, it appears that the latest news surrounding the film involves noted music producer/rapper Dr. Dre. According to, Dr. Dre has been asked to score the Cynthia Mort-directed biopic on the famed jazz singer.

“If we can get Dr. Dre involved, it could be very modern arrangements,” said the film’s producer, Gene Kirkwood, during an interview with The Grio. “He’s going to see a rough cut in about a week and a half. I would love for him to do what Quincy did with In the Heat of the Night and [what] Quincy did with In Cold Blood. Quincy did a lot of scoring. I would love if Dre’s next step would be to score it. That would be a great challenge.”

Announced last year, the biopic on Simone will star Zoe Saldana as the North Carolina-born songstress. Mary J. Blige was originally set to play the role of Simone, but was later replaced by Saldana at the top of the year.

It’s unclear if Dr. Dre will in fact score the film, but if he does he’ll further join a growing list of Hip Hop acts who have lent their talents to the film world. Among those artists are Jay-Z, RZA, and Pharrell Williams.

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