Pittsburgh Steelers second-year Offensive Tackle Mike Adams was stabbed in the city he plays for early Saturday morning. Adams was leaving a restaurant on the city’s Southside district when three men approached him in what is believed to be an attempted robbery and car-jacking. When Adams refused, he was punched and stabbed by attackers. Now recovering, the candidate for starting OT will remain sidelined for several months as he makes a “full recovery,” according to team doctors earlier this week.

Today, Pittsburgh Police have announced two arrests, with a third suspect identified. Rapper Quay Meanz (born Dequay Means), local to the city, is one of the suspects who has been arrested. News station WPXI reported that 26 year-old Meanz, who is a self-proclaimed affiliate of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, was identified when another suspect, Michael Paranay, left a phone at the crime-scene.

Preliminary hearings for both suspects are scheduled to take place June 12 and June 13.

Quay Meanz appeared on Taylor Gang’s mixtape Taylor Gang Over Everything 2, which was released in January of this year. Additionally, Quay released his own mixtape, Speakers & Franklins in 2011.

(June 5)

UPDATE: The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has published a follow-up report on Quay Meanz’ arrest yesterday. The newspaper claims that Meanz, a native of the Hazelwood neighborhood of the city, had recently signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Records, according to a South By Southwest billing. Previously, Quay had appeared on the video to Khalifa’s 2010 hit, “Black & Yellow,” which would be subsequently used an anthem to the Pittsburgh Steelers that Mike Adams plays for.

Adams was released from the hospital yesterday (June 4) just hours after Meanz was arrested. He underwent multiple surgeries after suffering lacerations to his colon and forearm.

The new information also reveals that Meanz’ arrest came from Adams’ identification, not fellow suspect Michael Paranay’s phone, as originally reported. Both suspects are facing charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy and attempted homicide.

Information claims that the third suspect—not yet identified was the actual stabbing assailant, reports from police indicate that Meanz told Adams, “I want your car or I’ll shoot you in the face and kill you in front of everyone,” after the Steeler initially waved off the car-jacking attempt.

Previously, Meanz has faced charges of receiving stolen property, drug possession, fleeing police and disorderly conduct. Because he has a prior felony conviction, he is not legally allowed to own a gun.

The full report is available at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette website.