Ludacris knew his 11-year-old daughter thought highly of him. But the Atlanta rapper-actor-businessman misjudged why she thought he was cool.

“I thought I was the coolest dad because I am Ludacris, but it turns out I’m the coolest dad because I’ve done songs with Justin Bieber,” Ludacris said during an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “That’s why I’m the coolest dad. Yeah. It’s crazy. She loves it.”

Ludacris appeared with Bieber on his breakthrough single, 2010’s “Baby” and 2012’s “All Around The World.” When Kimmel asked Ludacris if he worked with Bieber because of his daughter, the man born Christopher Bridges provided a different reason for working with the pop star. “I did it because I love the music,” Ludacris said. “I’m a fan of the little man. He’s the lil’ homie. I think he makes great music. Absolutely.”

Ludacris appeared on the late-night show as part of the promotional push for Fast & Furious 6, which arrives in theaters tomorrow (May 24). This is the third installment of the film franchise in which Ludacris has appeared and he joked that he hopes to appear in the seventh installment of the movie since he hasn’t been killed off yet.

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