Los Angeles, California rapper Coolio is the latest artist to find himself on the wrong side of the law. The former WC & The M.A.A.D. Circle member and longtime Tommy Boy Records solo artist was arrested earlier this month, as now reported by TMZ.

Coolio is reportedly accused of assaulting his girlfriend, Anabella Chatman, after he pushed her to the ground and struck her in the face. Further information led police to believe that the rapper further assaulted Chatman with a car, after tire marks were discovered on her legs. Per the story, Coolio has alleged that he acted in defense, though no official statements have been made.

The gossip and celebrity site also acquired the mugshot of the “Gangsta’s Paradise” hit-maker. Previously, Coolio has been arrested multiple times for driving offenses, as well as possession of crack cocaine in LAX Airport.

Since the reported April 1 arrest, Coolio, now free, tweeted that he had finished a Mike’s Hard Lemonade endorsement:

There is word on when Coolio will be in court for the offenses.

(April 16)

UPDATE: Charges were dismissed in this case yesterday (September 24) after prosecutors were unable to prove Anabella Chatman’s side of the story beyond reasonable doubt, as per TMZ’s report.

Prosecutors said that Chatman’s story was inconsistent because it changed several times, according to TMZ

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