This week featured 10 entirely new posts driving the Top 10. While Mos Def (a/k/a Yaasin Bey) had an unreleased Kanye West-produced cut surface from 2006, the others were entirely new, featuring Kid Cudi’s Incidud album leaks, and early glimpses at Talib Kweli’s Prisoner Of Conscious, Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name, and Big Sean’s Hall Of Fame. Oh, and Jay-Z decided to run a press conference in the form of a Swizz Beatz-produced “Open Letter.”

Jay-Z’s Open Letter That Everybody Read

Jay-Z and wife Beyonce were in the headlines early in the week. Did they break the law to have an anniversary vacation last week in Havana, Cuba? Is he selling his stake in the Brooklyn Nets to become Jerry McGuire? Why is he back in the Universal Music Group building after so much promise with Roc Nation’s partnership with Sony?

Hova pulled no punches in speaking to the points in “Open Letter.” The song featured background vocals by Timbaland, Trey Songz and reportedly HOT 97’s Program Director, Ebro. Jay-Z was back to cursing, mixin’ it up and shaking up the industry. The song crushed the week in classic leaked Jay form. Like “Glory,” or “Dear Summer” or the pre-Beanie Sigel “Ignorant Shit,” Jay-Z knows how to grab all the attention with a sneak attack. Whether or not Florida Republicans heard the song remains to be seen, but the record’s impact affected a Thursday White House press conference, which isn’t something Hip Hop songs do too often.

Miguel Is Hip Hop’s Favorite Singer Du Jour

RCA/Jive Records star Miguel appeared three times on this week’s Top 10. The maker of one of 2012’s most heralded LPs, Kaleidoscope Dream made a remix to his  “How Many Drinks” with fellow L.A. native Kendrick Lamar. Then, J. Cole released a video for his “Power Trip” single, with Miguel on the hook. Lastly, Talib Kweli scored big—as he’s been doing in the last six months, with a glimpse at his upcoming album on love song, “Come Here.” From his early days on Blu & Exile’s Below The Heavens and Blu’s 2008 follow-up with Mainframe Johnson & Jonson, Miguel meshes masterfully with dope emcees. This past week was pure and living proof.

The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 4/8/2013

1. Jay-Z featuring Timbaland – “Open Letter”

2. Kid Cudi featuring A$AP Rocky & King Chip – “Brothers”

3. Kid Cudi featuring Kendrick Lamar – “Mr. Solo Dolo Part II”

4. Mos Def (a/k/a Yaasin Bey) – “The Light Is Not Afraid Of The Dark”

5. J. Cole featuring Miguel – “Power Trip” [VIDEO]

6. Miguel featuring Kendrick Lamar – “How Many Drinks (Remix)”

7. Pusha T – “Numbers On The Board”

8. Lloyd Banks – “Picture This”

9. Big Sean featuring Common – “Switch Up”

10. Talib Kweli featuring Miguel – “Come Here”

Last Week’s Top 10.

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