Last week, Scarface, along with Geto Boys brother Willie D, appeared on Beyonce’s Houston-studded remix to “I Been On.” Asked about the remix by Fuse.TV at Saturday’s Paid Dues Festival, Scarface actually revealed that he may be reuniting with Jay-Z. “I had just got off [of] email with Jay-Z, like two or three days before,” explained ‘Face. “‘Cause I was tryin’ to get him on my record, and he told me to send the record. I was not in a space where I could send the record from.” That discussion intersected with Scarface’s Beyonce remix appearance.

Scarface and Jay-Z have a long collaborative history. The two appeared, alongside Beanie Sigel, on 2002’s “Guess Who’s Back” single from The Fix. ‘Face has also appeared on two Jay-Z albums, The Dynasty – Roc La Familia, and both versions of Blueprint 2.

Later in the Fuse interview, the 27-year Rap veteran admitted trepidation about releasing his twelfth solo album, after additional releases with Geto Boys, Facemob and The Product. “In all honesty, I want to drop an album. But I don’t want it to get lost in the wash,” said the longtime Rap-A-Lot Records artist. Further asked about the status of his Mac & Brad album with another aforementioned longtime collaborator, and former Jay-Z protege Beanie Sigel, ‘Face quickly waved. “That’s not gonna happen.” Fans of the Geto Boys may also be disappointed to learn that 2005’s The Foundation will go down as the last album by the dynamic Houston pioneers. “We may tour,” said ‘Face, who with Willie D and Bushwick Bill, appeared at 2012’s The Gathering event, and other appearances. “As far as Geto Boy albums, no sir.”

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