When Timbaland decided to seek payment from his insurance company over a missing $1.8 Million watch, the company behind the expensive watch didn’t believe his story. Now, Timbo is going from hopefully getting paid to getting accused of insurance fraud.

According to TMZ, the super producer filed a lawsuit against American Home Assurance Company claiming his 2-year-old daughter lost his Jacob & Co. watch containing 30 carats of diamonds.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, A.H.A.C. claims it doesn’t owe Timbaland any money and stated the following reasons why:

–   Timbaland bought the watch for $900,000 but insured it for twice the purchase price.

–   Timbaland reported the watch stolen … but 4 months later claimed his daughter misplaced it. 

–   Everyone involved told a different story … the wife implicated another female, the assistant implicated the maid, the maid only copped to sleeping with Timbaland’s brother-in-law and the brother-in-law refused to cooperate.  No one ever mentioned the daughter losing the watch, like Timbaland belatedly claimed.

Timbaland filed the lawsuit against American Home Assurance Company in December. The suit claimed Timbo paid over $50,000 to take out a policy in May 2010.

Timbaland recently released his latest album, teaming up with Justin Timberlake for The 20/20 Experience back on March 15th.

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