Cash Money Records is facing yet another lawsuit—except this time, rather than a disgruntled producer who actually made a track for the label, it’s one who alleges an uncleared sample.

TMZ reports that Robert Poindexter of the ‘70s band The Persuaders claims Cash Money sampled his band’s song “Love Gotta Pack Up (and Walk Out)” for Bow Wow’s 2010 track “Still Ballin.”

The suit says that neither Cash Money nor Bow Wow obtained permission to use the 1972 song, which topped the charts.

Poindexter claims he reached out to Cash Money, and that the label redirected him to Bow Wow’s attorneys, who in turn pointed him towards Cash Money.

Poindexter is seeking $600,000 in punitive damages, plus interest.

Poindexter previously sued 50 Cent over the use of the same song, and Kanye West’s use of another on a 2006 mixtape.

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