Lil Wayne’s beef with some of the producers he’s worked with is well-documented. Now, the Young Money head honcho can add the man who produced “A Milli” for him.

In a recent interview with VIBE, Bangladesh aired did not mince words about his former collaborator. “I don’t fuck with [Lil Wayne]… and you can print that,” said the producer. “Cash Money don’t pay royalties. The Carter III, [is] his biggest album probably because of ‘A Millie.’ [But] you have to sue these guys so that they pay up.”

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Bangladesh revealed that he is suing for an estimated $500,000 in owed royalty checks for the Grammy award-winning track. “It’s [Wayne and Baby’s] responsibility to pay [me] because all the money from album sales goes to Cash Money. I get checks from Sony for Beyonce, checks from different labels for different artists, it just comes to you. You don’t have to call them, sue them and all that junk. This is what you’re owed.”

“I don’t really give a fuck about [Wayne],” continued Bangladesh. “I can’t give a fuck about somebody that don’t give a fuck about my situation, I have kids. In the hood, people get killed for ten dollars. I couldn’t imagine owing someone hundreds of thousands of dollars and just walking around in front of them. I’m so confident in myself, that I don’t need Lil Wayne. There’s gonna be so many opportunities. I can create a Lil Wayne.”

“This is why Manny Fresh don’t fuck with [Cash Money] because he never got any royalty money. That’s why Baby can go around flaunting this cash, because that’s everyone else’s money… It’s not even Wayne’s fault. Wayne is not getting money. He is given money, he’s not getting money. If Baby gets a million dollars he’ll buy Wayne a [Rolls Royce] Phantom, but that’s in Cash Money’s name. That 14-bedroom mansion isn’t Wayne shit,” said the hit-maker, who echoed further sentiments to the royalty dispute.

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