Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent found themselves caught out there when they showed up to shoot the video for Chief Keef’s video for “Hate Being Sober” and the young rapper was nowhere to be found. But that didn’t deter them from making business plans on their own.

During an interview with Hard Knock TV, the Taylor Gang leader said that he and Fif discussed working on a movie together like he did with Snoop Dogg for Mac & Devin Go to High School. He said that there are no concrete plans to begin production but that he’s taking it seriously as a priority this year.

“We had talked when we shot the Chief Keef video. I just respect 50 from a business standpoint as well as music,” he said. “That’s what we were just talking about, is how to expand and build on what we both have going on and how we can do it together. We made a song together and I was like, ‘You know, let’s do a movie!’ That’s basically how me and Snoop did our situation, it was like we chilled and was like, let’s do a movie. … Through time, we’ll put it together and make it work, but it something I’m definitely taking serious as a project for this year.”

He also addressed the growing influence of Molly, otherwise known as MDMA, and its rising prominence in the Hip Hop community. The Rostrum Records signee, who recently recorded an ode to the drug with Tyga called “Molly,” said that he saw its prominence in Rap music and would be “crazy” not to take advantage of it.

“You know what? I think it’s passed the people who are actually using it. It’s just money now. I would be crazy not to tap into that. I want some of that money, too. It’s kids. They’re partying and having fun. I would never tell you what not to do. I never been that dude. When I seen that it was growing and becoming more and more popular, at first I was one of the peoeple like, you need to chill with the Molly. I said that. But the more popular it grew and got bigger to me and my influence, so it’s like you could get with it or get lost, and I do not want to get lost. So I brought the Mary aspect to it. I never talked about poppin’ Molly, but I’ll say some slang that people who do Molly, they fuck with it.”

Khalifa most recently released his sophomore album O.N.I.F.C., which bowed at No. 2 with 141,000 copies sold. He is also prepping his collaborative project with Curren$y titled Live in Concert, which is currently without a release date.

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