In a previously unreleased radio interview from 1997, Jay-Z and The Artifacts clash after the former failed to show up to a scheduled concert at Penn State.

The clip, released by former WKPS host Mike Jax, begins with The Boom Skwad’s Skull Fonts airing out Hov for not making it through to perform at The White Building. “Want to thank everybody coming out to the show and representing. Even though Jay-Z didn’t show up,” he said. “That’s how it be with them playas, that’s them playas for you. They don’t want to give back. They want to take, but don’t want to give back. We showed up, that’s what it’s about.

“If you’re putting money in somebody’s pocket and they can’t come back to support you, something is wrong with them,” he continued. “Now, you’ve got to look at it and say I’m going to support who came and who is real and doing this and [keep] positive vibes growing.”

Shortly after The Artifacts, Louis Logic, Cimer Amor and more spit raps on the air for 20 minutes, Opal went to the lobby and returned with Jay-Z, Damon Dash, Sauce Money, Teflon and a few others. 

“First of all, we was listening to the radio. It’s Jay-Z by the way, we try to make it up here and things like that. All them bum-ass niggas stay out my business. They don’t know what’s happening and the situaitons, what we went through to get here. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the show but we did come and shit.”

“And if we was there, we was going to rip them. Pause,” joked Dash, stating that their limousine driver got lost and caused their delay.

Listen to the full exchange below.

UPDATE: El Da Sensei claims that The Artifacts were not involved in an altercation, pointing out that the incident occurred between the radio station and Jay-Z.

On Facebook, he wrote, “Wow wow and more wow. First of all my dudes y’all was lil dudes when this happened and me and tame said nothing about Jay. We weren’t even in the room when skull fonts had that. We was outside smoking then we left and went to a dorm party so we had never even heard what was said. You are all entitled to your opinions about lyrics record sales whatever you choose to debate about but this is so not an issue. I do me and I have no problems with nobody. I met Jay few times and if I saw him today I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem now.”

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