Southern California Hip Hop trio Pac Div are no strangers to pushing the envelope when it comes to their music and they’re hoping that inventiveness translates into the accompanying music videos for the records featured on their upcoming album, GMB.

While appearing on 90.5FM KSJS, BeYoung and Mibbs spoke on crafting their music videos, revealed what fans can expect on their new project, and shared their hopes of one day gracing the stage at big ticket music festivals including Coachella.

“I mean we could shoot a video for every song on this new album. No bullcrap,” said BeYoung.

“We’re just trying to push the envelope man. We feel like we’re better than just having random broads dancing in the videos and stuff like that. Of course we love the ladies. We want beautiful chicks in the video, but what is your purpose? You need to have a purpose,” Mibbs added.

As far as the trio’s new album is concerned, they plan on sticking with the familiar Pac Div tunes, but with beats and lyrics that go a little harder than normal.

“We sticking to the script. It’s still Pac Div, but more so I think we just hitting you hard the whole time,” BeYoung explained. “It’s like every single song, from one to the last one is hard…Everybody gonna need some new speakers probably on this one.”

GMB, Pac Div’s second studio album, will be released on Tuesday, November 27 and will feature guest appearances from Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, and more.

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