With his Baby Face Killa mixtape garnering universal praise, it looks like Freddie Gibbs is primed to cap off a banner year. But now, in a recent report from The Post Tribune, it appears as if a police officer has been punished over his appearance in one of the CTE rapper’s video.

Patrolman Jason Johnson was recently reprimanded over his appearance in a behind-the-scenes video from a music video shoot for Freddie Gibbs. The video, which is dated to 2009, features Johnson’s patrol car behind used as a prop, as well as a number of people on camera smoking marijuana and displaying gang signs.

As of now, Officer Johnson’s patrol car privileges have been suspended and he has been transferred to garage. He is also expected to take mandatory ethics classes and faces a hearing from the police commission.

“When matters like this arise, our approach continues to be proactive. We are policing ourselves as well as the citizens. We will do everything in our power to ensure that any illegal behavior by Gary police officers will not be tolerated,” said Police Chief Wade Ingram.

Mayor of Gary, IN Karen Freeman-Wilson echoed Chief Ingram’s sentiments, saying, “This goes beyond ethics. This has to do with character. It is our intent to take aggressive measures to confirm what we already know — that the overwhelming majority of the members of the Gary Police Department are hard working and law abiding.”

While it appears as if Freddie Gibbs will not face any punitive measures in the matter, the rapper took to Twitter to discuss the situation. He said he finds it bizarre that the Post Tribune would opt to make the issue a front-page story over the Presidential election.

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