Freddie Gibbs is currently prepping the release of his Gangsta Grillz mixtape Baby Face Killa, hosted by DJ Drama. But during an interview with Pitchfork, Gangsta Gibbs said that he’s about to “restore that prestige” to the Gangsta Grillz brand, which he thinks has been hurt over the past few years by subpar rappers who get a release under the skein.

During the interview, he says that Drama must have linked with some less-than-worthy rappers to release Gangsta Grillz mixtapes as a favor or because money was involved.

“I’ve been wanting to do a tape with Drama for a while– I guess I wasn’t cool enough before, but now I am. [laughs] I’m about to restore that prestige to Gangsta Grillz. There’s some dudes that did Gangsta Grillz tapes who probably weren’t worthy of it– their label just put up the bread, or they did a favor,” he said. “Drama did a lot of favors for some weak niggas, but my tape is gonna take you back to them Trap or Die days. Jeezy’s the biggest artist to come straight from the streets the past 10 years, and that’s the reason I fucked with him. I want to catch some of that magic. I want to be a part of that Death Row-like atmosphere, and that’s what we’re creating, without all the bullshit. I’m putting the missing pieces together for the tape now. I’ve been on the phone with Pusha T, I got Jadakiss, I got a track with Z-Ro.”



Read the full interview at Pitchfork, where he also talks about getting removed from Hot 97’s Summer Jam, linking with Madlib and more.

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