While it was hardly the marquee fight event that took place the evening of the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, it appears that rapper Game got into a scuffle of his own with CTE emcee 2Eleven at Lil Wayne’s 30th birthday party. Now, in an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, 2Eleven explains what actually went down between him and the Compton emcee.

Despite TMZ’s earlier report that it was 2Eleven who initiated the scuffle, the Inglewood, CA rapper tells the story differently. He says that Game snuck in a sucker punch on him from behind while he was trying to find his friend in the club.

“So I had seen one of my homies, I went to catch him. I walk out the section right, I take five steps outside the section and [Game] comes and hits me from the back of my head,” he recalled. “I turn around and I could see the security like on the way, so I tried to get one off on him. There wasn’t no fight, no words. From what I heard and what I heard on the Internet it’s like I ran up to him and had some words. But man there wasn’t no words. Why would I run up to a nigga that 6’5” with two armed bodyguards with him, talking some shit, with me and my young homie. I’m not even that kind of dude my nigga I sit back and play the cut, I’m on these bitches. Plus we at Wayne’s private party, like c’mon man, you just on some nigga shit.”

The bad blood between 2Eleven and Game reportedly stems from an incident between Game and late 2Eleven associate RoseMo700, who assaulted the Interscope emcee while shopping with his son.

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